We offer a wide range of medical products that make a difference in patients’ lives and support healthcare providers in their everyday clinical practices. Our broad product portfolio is comprised of brands to satisfy the needs of various customer segments. It ranges from simple disposable products needed in every OP room to sophisticated medical equipment, which requires after-sale support and technical training of servicing staff. Our product portfolio with its diversity of well-known brands in various pricing ranges ensures we can reach broader customer segments.

Cooperating with our distributors, we are able to respond to the country specific requirements and provide reliable customized solutions for clinicians, hospitals and patients in the following product areas:

General, Thoracic, Cardio, Neuro- and Endosurgery

  • Surgical instruments
  • Chest drainage systems
  • Ligation systems, stapling and laparoscopic closure supplies
  • Sutures and surgical meshes
  • Endoscopic equipment and lighting systems

    Endovascular Cardiology and Interventional Access

    • Drug-eluting stents (DES), bare-metal coronary stents, balloon dilatation catheters
    • Hemodialysis catheters
    • Declotting devices

    Cardiac Care

    • Intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP)
    • Fiber-optic and conventional IAB Catheters
    • Percutaneous sheath introducers and transradial access kits


    • Spinal and epidural anaesthesia sets
    • Endotracheal tubes, double-lumen tubes
    • Oral and nasopharyngeal airways

    Respiratory Care

    • Airways, oxygen therapy breathing circuits
    • Filters and humidifiers, heat-moisture exchangers
    • Ventilation supplies, resuscitation bags


    • Ureteral stents, guidewires, urological catheters, catheterization sets
    • Urine collectors, nephrostomy sets, suprapubic urine drainage systems
    • Dilators, bougies, stone extractors

    Oncohematology and Interventional Radiology

    • Needles for sternal or iliac crest marrow aspiration
    • Needles for cyto-histological biopsy, soft tissue biopsy
    • Reusable automatic guns for soft tissues biopsy

    Ostomy Care

    • One-piece and two-piece ostomy pouches, mouldable skin barriers, barrier strips
    • Ostomy skin care products
    • Ostomy accessories (protective paste, powder, ostomy belts)

    Wound Treatment and Hospital Care

    • Standard anti-microbial dressings, hydrocolloid and hydrofiber dressings
    • Bandages, adhesive medical tape
    • Adhesive cutaneous suture strips, plasters

    X-Ray Protection

    • X-ray personal protection clothing
    • Protection and suspension systems
    • Mounting and storage systems, accessories